Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Race to 100 in Honor of the Winter Games - A Huge Giveaway

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, we at The Artists' House are inspired to have a little competition of our own. We will be hosting the "Race to 100," with $200 worth of prizes up for grabs. There are two events, each with a goal of 100 in mind.

The first event is the "10x10 Comment Relay" (this adds up to 100 right). For each 10th commenter who responds to a blog post on The Artists' House Blog, we will randomly select a number, and award one of those 10 commenters with a $10.00 gift certificate to The Artists' House Shop hosted by Etsy ( At this site you can choose from a variety of gifts ranging from appliqued clothing and felted treasures created by Angela, to jewelry and ceramics hand-crafted by Josh.

The grand prize in our Race to 100 goes to the winner of the "100 Follower Freestyle." For this event, once 100 followers are registered to our blog, we will be giving away a $100.00 gift certificate to The Artists' House Shop hosted by Etsy ( to spend on any combination of items you choose.

So my friends, be sure to leave those comments and/or register yourself as a follower and let the games begin.

Anyone may register as a follower by clicking on the "Follow" box located in the far right column and following the prompts given. Comments may be left at the end of each blog section by clicking on the word "COMMENTS" in the area just below each post.


Kristin said...

You guys have the coolest ideas! So excited to win!

theartistshouse said...

We are about halfway to the drawing for the first prize. Keep the comments coming.

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