Saturday, February 13, 2010

Felted Wool Dress

Last week when I was felting sweaters, I accidently threw one into the load that was mostly made of wool, but was also part synthetic. I have had this sweater since high school and while it no longer fit well, I have always hung onto it because of the cute detail on the front. The sweater shrunk up some, but otherwise looked the same. In examining the sweater I decided to cut off the sides of the sweater along with the sleeves in hopes of turning it into a dress for a young girl. After cutting off the sides of the sweater, I tucked the fabric under around the arm holes and then sewed down the sides of the sweater to make the dress. It really was that simple. And the end result were quite charming.


Anonymous said...

How precious.

Kristin said...

Love this! What a great way to hang on to something that you love. I have some sweaters from high school where I love the colors, but the style would be hideous and huge these days (do you remember the bulkiness of the 90s?). So. . . I want to figure out how to make them into throw pillows. Any other ideas?

theartistshouse said...

That's a great idea Kristin. It's actually one of the felt projects I was going to blog about in the future. Maybe I'll bump it to the top of my "felt project blog list". Stay posted.

Kristin said...

A friend of mine made some of her felted items into a purse. That would work really well on my huge sweaters. I'll look for your ideas. I want to get together with you!!!! :) I have so much to talk about!

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