The Artists’ House started one happy day when I married a boy who was an artist.  I too loved to create things and so side-by-side we created beautiful things together, with our daughter Monet giggling by our sides. One day I realized that I too was an artist, not just an artist’s wife, and so I started a business of my own, designing applique quilts and fabric wall art creations.  Now I have two great loves, my family and my art.

I've quit my day job twice now.  The first time I quit I had plans to go back to school to get my MFA. Soon fear struck my very core though and before I was even enrolled in school I was back out there looking for a job linked to my degree.  My degree is in education and while I genuinely love children and aspects of teaching; my heart and my hands longed to be somewhere else.  They longed to be at home with my daughter and in my studio sewing; it seems that is where I am most at peace.  And so this year I quit my day job again and I'm "living the dream".  It sounds all happy and sunshine I'm sure, but it's difficult caring for a child and running a business.  It's amazing though, how if you love your work, truly love it, all of a sudden it keeps you up late by choice, and inspires you to rise at 5:30 in the morning.

And so now, I make things.  I make things that make a house not just a house, but a home.  I make things that add character, warmth, and charm to a space, without the extravagance that might otherwise make beautiful things inaccessible to those with children.

Do you need help bringing a little charm and warmth into your home?  I'm your girl.  Not only do I craft beautifully handmade items, quilts and wall art to name a few, but I can also help you finish or create projects of your own.  And here at The Artists' House Blog you can find inspiration for your own home: printable sewing patterns for handmade quilts, applique embroidery designs, do it yourself online tutorials, ideas for green living, gardening tips, and free food recipes.

Are you struggling to view yourself as artists?  Do you want to learn more about the art of making a house a home?  Follow me and unleash the artist that is hidden in you.  


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