Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day with Daddy

Can I just say that I absolutely love daddy-daughter relationships, especially when they involve my husband and daughter.

Josh got Monet a Valentine's card and I absolutely melted. After that I didn't even have to read my card, he had already won my heart that day.

And to top it all off he spoiled me as well with a pretty spectatcular gift. Let's just say that from now on the photos you see here on this blog will be of much higher quality. Monet and I, we are pretty lucky, I think we have ourselves a diamond in the rough.

I love you Joshua.


Anonymous said...

That is the perfect card!!! Very sweet!
Cant wait to see little June Bug at Easter!

Kristin said...

I am so impressed.
First, I didn't give Tim anything for V-Day. For some reason I had in my head that the holiday wouldn't happen this year since we would be at the cabin. huh?
Second, I have been thinking that I need a better camera. I've been really into photography and I love documenting our lives through photographs and I LOVE looking at photography blogs and seeing all the cool things that people do.
What did you get Josh for V-Day?

theartistshouse said...

I love, love, love my new camera. It takes the best photos even though it isn't top, top, top of the line. It lets in so much more light than a digital. It's a Cannon Rebel XS. Josh said he got a pretty good deal through amazon. He lost my manual camera when we were in Costa Rica two summers ago, so he said he owed me a little, he, he, he. I highly recommend you treating yourself Kristin. I know you would use it everyday. Just think, those great pictures last a life time. Your kids are only babies once.

Hmm, Valentine's day presents, yeah we weren't supposed to get each other anything either. Josh kind of did that out of the blue. I'm pretty spoiled. I treated Josh to a massage and wonderful 4 course dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on Friday night. We had an amazing time.

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