Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Direction Eco-Friendly Style

Today we're going to do our Etsy Direction, eco-friendly style. Check out these three great products...

I love old windows. My husband and I are always saving them and hoping to use them for something creative. In the past, we used them in the garden. We put them on hinges and they served as a little green house for our sensitive seedlings. Spring can be rough here in Utah and the windows are both practical and beautiful used in that setting.

I love what this artist has done, turning old windows into chalk boards.

And look at this bird feeder. I bet the sun plays nicely off this in the summer time.

A friend of mine has glasses like these. I always ooh and ah over them in the summer time. They are just gorgeous in a summer meal time setting. Heck, there gorgeous inside too.

All of these products have me craving summer time.


Jenny said...

great post, I love this "direction", very cool! and so nice to have my bird feeder here as well. I love the details on Half Pint Salvage's chalk board-using the hardware as the chalk holder

Run Lori Run said...

I love old windows too. We have three in our back yard, nailed onto our fence with flower planters hanging underneath.

The Artists House said...

I too love how they utilized the hardware as a chalk holder. So cleaver.

Lori, your idea sounds so cute. You should photograph it and attach the link for other to see. That really does sound so cute.

I wonder if I should do a post of crafts with windows. Hmmm, maybe I'll put it on my to-do list. Could be a good spring post. We'll see.

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