Monday, February 8, 2010

A Few Good Fortunes

Lately Josh and I have stopped to contemplate if this fortune might come true. Neither of us can seem to suppress our urge to create. What, the kitchen is dirty? Ahh, I'll get to that later, after I sew; after I finish this project; after I'm done with this blog... and so the list of neglected responsibilities grow, along with our pile of created goods. I cannot lie, after getting this fortune, I felt a glimpse of hope. We probably shouldn't place all our hopes and dreams on the message of a fortune cookie, especially one from Panda Express (can you believe I'm even admitting that we eat there). But I guess that sometimes we need a little encouragement from the universe. Something to tell us to keep listening to all those ambitions and dreams. Just take a chance, do what you love, and see what happens. Furthermore, I think the reason the first fortune was so easy to believe is because the second fortune we received was undoubtedly true...


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