Monday, July 19, 2010

Create a Space That Works For You

I'm pretty sure sharp scissors, hot irons, needles, and craft glue are not the wisest toys for a baby. It was this, plus many other factors, which prompted our last home renovation project. And in the midst of chaos and destruction, I realized that the most important step in a home renovation project, is to create a space that works for you, a space that solves the problems you are encountering day to day. Let me explain...

My old office space was completely out in the open, right off the living room, in the midst of all the day-to-day action. Along with not being a safe place for Monet to play, it was also too loud for me to focus. Often my daughter Monet would throw fits because she could see me when Daddy was watching her. These were just a few of the problems I was encountering in my "work space" and so we decided to embark on a home renovation project by first creating a list of problems and frustrations, and then brainstorming practical solutions to these problems.

The solutions to my problems were quite simple. For example, french doors with pull down blinds now provide privacy, a quiet space for me to work, and safety for Monet, at the same time not closing that space off too much for future home buyers who might like the open floor plan that is so popular in homes today. Other solutions included buying a large table for me to spread out on, keeping me off our dinning table and keeping my mess in a confined space with a door. Along with that, we found the perfect storage unit with open shelves to hold the many projects I'm always working on; add in a few bars here and there to hang my quilts on and voila, my space issues have been answered. We continued this process through the remodel, solving many problems, and as a result I now have both a beautiful and functional workspace.

This is the art of making a house a home, creating a space that is not just sentimental and pleasing to the eye, but also a space that is functional and realistic, a space that allows both you and your family to live comfortably. And so I advise, before you pick up a hammer or a paintbrush on your next home renovation project, first brainstorm the problems and find solutions for the space you're renovating, aesthetics coming second not first.

No matter how big or small a home project is, always make sure you are creating a space that works for you, a space that is solving the day to day problems you are encountering in that space previous to the remodel. If you're not careful, to consider this important home renovation tip, you might just be creating a prettier space with the same problems.

(Note:  The french doors need another coat of varnish, and a few more items still need to be hung, before and after pictures coming soon...)

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Kristina P. said...

I don't really craft, but over the past year, I have found that I need a bubble to write blog posts in. I used to be able to write them at work, or with the TV on in background, but not anymore.

Oh, and I haven't heard from your giveaway winner. If I don't hear by WEdnesday, I will pick a new winner.

Angela Flicker: The Art of Making a House a Home in Utah said...

I seem to get that way more and more these days too. Things take me twice as long if I don't have peace and quiet... man, I sound like my mother.

Kristin said...

I love how you solve problems. And I am so happy that Monet and Josh are here. I just got back from Ogden today, and I was thinking that now I need to get some time to myself. Solutions: I can come visit you. lol. Or, I can get away some time this week, or maybe I'll send Tim and the kids away once I need time to settle our house. Or all three!

I hope your time is productive, relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun. Miss you!

Angela Flicker: The Art of Making a House a Home in Utah said...

Thanks Kristin. I've gotten so much done today and am loving it, although I miss Josh and Monet pathetic. I will probably work non-stop till they return, only stopping to sleep, eat, and pee, lol. For some that seems like torture, for me it's heaven.

You should get away, or send Tim and the kids away. I'm encouraging this. Let me know how I can help ;)

Give my baby a kiss for me ;)

Anonymous said...

Next project for Ang and Josh--Katrina's office?

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