Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thrift Store Gold Mine

We descended the stairs into the musty basement of our local thrift store, turned right, and took a few paces before I looked up and saw Angela's eyes grow two sizes in two seconds.  Immediately she started doing a little dance and squeaking with excitement.  She had made a find.  I have seen this look before; it reminded me of when Angela spotted an old dresser at this exact thrift store.  That dresser, stripped, refinished, and dressed up with some new hardware, currently looks marvelous sitting in our bedroom. 

This time it was four metal-framed chairs that had her jumping with joy.  Two had been poorly reupholstered with some sort of red velvety material. We just wanted the bones anyway.

All it took was a little cleaning, a coat of Rustoleum paint, and some cedar boards picked up from Home Depot to make the former refuse good as gold.

Now these chairs are a welcomed addition to our back yard dining area.  They also served as great inspiration for me to refinish our old table that had become a little weathered, and Angela's Picnic Set is the perfect accessory.   

Have you turned any trash to treasure recently?  We would love to hear about it.

- Josh Flicker


Pomegranategrl said...

Love this idea. What a nice retro look!

Kristin said...

Josh and Angela,
The chairs look amazing. I saw a beautiful buffet (I think?) at a thrift store this weekend and I want it! You guys would love it. It's already a treasure--in great shape. Also, your parents have a piece in their basement that one of us needs to transform. I'll see what you think next time you're here. (And I guess I need to ask if your parents want it)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Gorgeous chairs!

Alicia said...

Love this! Great redo.

The Artists House said...

Didn't my husband do an amazing job. I adore the work he does. I'm a lucky girl :)

I'm so happy with how the chairs turned out. Our whole backyard is a random mixture of pieces, some found here, some there... and I love how it has all come together. I'm also proud of how resourceful we've been. It's good for the environment and the pocket book. Win, win!

Sheree said...

These chairs are beautiful! Was that musty basement in SugarHouse perchance?

The Artists' House said...

It sure was. A great little store called the DI, lol.

Thanks Sheree!

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