Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Has Art Ever Spoken to You?

Determined by Lisa Kattenbraker

Has art ever spoken to you?  You know, the image literally jumps off the page and speaks directly to you and your life experiences; tugs on your heart strings and causes some weird water like substance to fall from your eyes?  Have you ever had this experience?  

I'm happy to say that I have had this experience, most recently this past week when my husband and I attended the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City.  Here I met Lisa Kattenbraker and most instantly fell in love with both her, her work, and the medium of batik.  You can follow this link to learn more about batik or to see more of Lisa's new work.

The print above is the image I purchased for my new studio slash office, which is being remodeled by my wonderful husband as we speak.  The piece is titled She was always prepared for what she suspected might be just around the corner.  This is the image that brought tears to my eyes as my baby screamed and my husband kindly asked me to "just pick one already."  

What a hopeful and inspiring message.  I can't wait to hang this beautiful masterpiece, so that everyday, happy or gray, it can speak to me again, and tell me my future.  

Has art ever spoken to you?  What did it say?


Molly O'Bryon-Welpott said...

OOoh I do love it! Thanks for sharing this artist and how lucky to be having your special space remodeled.

Kristina P. said...

I really love Monet, but I love modern art too. I missed the art festival this year. :(

Hey, I think the email that had the items you wanted to donate, went to my spam folder, and subsequently, got trashed. Can you email me again?

Sheree said...

I have 2 of her prints purchased at UAF in 2008. "welcome to tonights shoe" and "I hid snacks in my pocket for the rides", both circus themed. I recognized the little girl in the hat right away!

Run Lori Run said...

I just saw some of her work at a gallery in Hood River. It is amazing how much work goes into a single piece! I agree, her work is stunning.

Alicia said...

Love this! I can't say that most art speaks to me, but I'm not big into art.

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