Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I love being a mother!

Monet was never much of a sleeper the first nine months of her life.  Each night she would awake every 2-4 hours.  Often Monet and I would co-sleep just to maximize sleep time and minimize moving back and forth between our rooms.  And while I am happy to report that Monet is now sleeping through the night, I must confess that I miss our nightly cuddles.  It seems that the short 15 minutes that I rock her to sleep each night, just isn't enough.

The flu bug has recently jumped from one member of my family to the next.  I was the last to catch the bug and was home sick the last couple days of this week.  On Thursday morning Monet woke early like she always does.  I guess she didn't get the memo about me having the flu.  I couldn't muster up the energy to get out of bed quite yet, so Monet and I just played in bed for about an hour.  Over time Monet was able to tell that something was up with mommy.  She played very gently and kept laying her head on my shoulder, as if to give me a hug.  Repeatedly she would pop up with a huge smile, play for a short while, and then go back to hugging.  After an hour of this, Monet cuddled in next to me and the two of us fell back to sleep.  And in the midst of a fever, body aches, and other unmentionables, at that moment my day could not have been any better.

And there we have the life of a mother.  Though motherhood can be extremely difficult, it is full of perfect little moments like this one.

Here are some moments from yesterday showing our happy and finally healthy family playing in the yard.

Happy Mother's Day!


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