Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Busting My Stash Up This Month and Going Green

Hey look, that's me.  What am I wearing?  Yikes!

This was my exact thought the other day when I walked past a mirror.  Nine months ago I had a baby, and since my pregnancy weight has come off, all my clothes have been too big; they look terribly frumpy on me.  I could of course run out to the stores and buy more clothes, I do love to shop, but this month I'm saying no and I'm taking a challenge

This month, I'm making a vow to think about our lovely earth more.  Instead of always responding to my needs by buying, I want to further instill in myself good habits; I'm going to eat, think, craft, and execute, on a consistent basis, words like reuse, organic, reduce, repurpose, and recycle!

What started all this?  Scoutie Girl, along with some other amazing bloggers!  They have introduced a challenge called "April Stash Bust".  The challenge they put out there is this, all crafters, big and small, instead of buying new supplies this month, only use what supplies you have stashed away.  I'm taking this vow as an artists, and also applying this idea to my personal life.  I'm not a wasteful person by any means, yet at the same time I think we all have room for improvement when it comes to really important issues like this.  

So let's get back to my problem.  Remember, the problem with the frumpy sweater?

With just a little bit of work, I can make this sweater adorable.  Here's what I did...

Step 1:  I added an applique flower to the front of the sweater.

Step 2:  I pinned the sweater to fit.

Step 3:  I cut off the buttons and sewed where I pinned, altering the sweater.

Step 4:  I cut out the excess sweater material.

That was it.  It only took about 30 minutes.  What do you think of the results?

Please join me and make a statement to our Earth this month.  What could you do, big or small, to help lessen your impact?


Kristin said...

That is super, super cute!

The Artists House said...

Thanks Kristin! You should try! Just find a piece of clothing in your closet that you don't wear because it doesn't fit right and give it a little makeover. Wheat do you have to lose?

Rachel said...

hey too cute!
i haven't taken a vow yet, but i do agree with this little mini movement!
i try to make something anytime i feel the urge to go out and buy.
it doesnt even have to be the same item (i don't necessarily make a shirt when i want to go buy a shirt :)
but i find the satisfaction for making/buying to be similiar so i try to swap! :)

The Artists House said...

That's a great rule to live by. I like this a lot.

Speaking of swapping. Friends of mine have these "Clothing Swaps" a few times a year. That's another great way to swap and trade instead of buying. Very green.

Pink Heather said...

Very cute. I love your applique flower. It looks gorgeous on the black.

Ulrike said...

The sweater looks fabulous!! Love the appliqué flower! Great job!

The Artists House said...

Thanks guys. Your comments are so sweet. I really appreciate the kind words :)

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