Monday, April 26, 2010

Decorating That Backyard Fence

Josh and I have been spending a lot of time in the yard lately.  It's that time of year!  This week I plan to blog about "playing in the dirt" and beautifying your outdoor domains.  

Today I'm going to show you some unique decorative ideas for your backyard fence.  Just like an interior wall, why don't you use these exterior walls to showcase art.

Here is one project that Josh put together.  He added small planter boxes to the fence.  Since the planters are small he planted drought tolerant succulents to the boxes since they will do better with the dry conditions here in Utah.

Josh and I love all these sedum succulent plants.  They are low maintenance, absolutely beautiful, and leave a small carbon foot print since they require very little water.

We also use our backyard fence to showcase some of Josh's ceramics.  The ceramics is durable to the outdoor elements and adds a feeling of uniqueness to our small outdoor space.

Isn't this amazing?  It's a recycled fence.  You can check it out over at apartment therapy.

I also love this idea, a great use for those beautiful old window frames.  Run Lori Run shared this idea on her blog.

Here's another great example that I found at Dallas Arts Revue.

What do you think?  What does your backyard fence showcase?


Anonymous said...

WOW, very cool. I love the idea of adding your own touches to something so generic as a fence!

Run Lori Run said...

Cool ideas and thanks for including my fence in there too! We're going to be adding more stuff to the fence this summer so I'll be sure to post more photos! I've been looking for some cool ceramic things to put up but haven't found the right ones over here...

Two Pockets said...

I have the second sedum you have pictured and it's lovely! I planted one small plant a few years ago and it just sprawled all over one of the beds in my front yard. Wonderful ideas on your blog!

The Artists House said...

Thanks Kristis. You'll have to try something now that you're a home owner. I'd love to brainstorm with you or at least see the final results when you're done.

Same goes for you Lori. I'll keep up to date on your blog so I can see what's next for you and your beautiful yard. By the way, those picture you took the other day were breath taking. I can still see them in my head.

TwoPockets, Sedums are the best and their is such a huge variety, you can't go wrong. I love all the different textures when you plant them together.

Thanks for your comments ladies!

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