Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amazon Help - Great Books For Parents and Child

Mommies and daddies to be, here are a few great parenting books I would physically toss your way if this computer screen would cooperate and let me.

Do you like to sew?  Here's a great book to keep you busy while you await baby's arrival.

What are you going to read to baby?  How about this...

Hush Little Baby By Sylvia Long is a great book.  I read, or rather sing, this book to Monet every night.  It instantly calms here.  I love watching her legs kick with excitement and her face light up with a smile, as I rock and sing with her in the evenings.  This book is absolutely precious!  It's a different variation from the original song.  It focusses not on buying baby stuff, but rather comforting baby with banjos, hummingbirds, and much more.  Check it out. 

Children's books are my absolute favorite.  I could list another fifty or so, but I'd rather hear from all of you.  

What books do you love to read to the little love in your life?


emily said...

our favorite childrens books are the skippyjohn jones series!

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